Our Bobtailed Cats


In the month of May, 2002, while we were busy with the litter Our Pebbles came from, we suddenly had 1 very cuddly, very sweet, very talkative og most likely also very hungry black kitten coming into our front terrace.

Kurt was at home, and he fell instantly in love with the little creature. The kitten was black, he was bobtailed and he came on the day before Kurt's birthday....so we figured that Bob (as in bobtailed) was meant to stay with us as Kurt's birthday present.

Our former neighbour had a sexually very active male cat, who wa sborn NBT. he was responsible for fathering many of the cats in the neighbourhood, so we could easily guess who at least some of his family was :o) Luckily for us nobody came to claim Bob back and he stayed with us.

Bob is like a puppy together with the dogs and they have lots of fun and play together. He is very nice and sweet to our puppies, when we have a litter. He is extremely curious and is tiptoing around carefully untill the pups are a little bigger, and then he plays with them. Later on we found out where he came from - they were just happy to know he was alive and well and we could keep him.

Bob is also our master hunter, and is starting to become a little chubby..... He is very happy with his food, catches lots and lots of mice and birds, and sometimes also a rat.

In the autumn of 2003 one more cat joined us. This time a female kitten, but she too is black and bobtailed.... She is a halfsister to Bob and is called misha. She is a bit of a coward compared to Bob, but they are having so much fun together and is sleeping cosily next to one another. She is not yet very good at catching her own prey, but Bob often comes home with a mouse or bird and leave it to her to finish of the killing and eating!


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