Dreamcatcher's litters!

We do not as so many others use the alphabet to name the puppies in our litters (i.e. A-litter, B-litter etc.). We create themes for each litter and name the pups after that.

We can spend a lot of time on that and it causes many good discussions before final decision.... Click on each combination and see the pups!





Thoughts behind each theme:


French Lara x Sachem Lara did it again - super efficient birth of 7 beautiful big, fat, strong and healthy puppies with an impressive average weight. I love it! Makes everything so much more enjoyable!

Why French? Actually for no toher reason than the fact that I in June went to Paris for a huge reunion party with lots of old friends and needed to tune into my near forgotten French. Et Voila la raison pour les noms  Francais !


Strange Sounds  Lara x Creed This litter came into the world with all pups so big, so fat, so healthy and showing such extreme vitality from the very beginning. From the get-go to the day they left for their new homes they seemed like they were at least 1 week older than their birthday depicted.

Something else were slightly different about these pups...whether awake, playing, sleeping, eating, whatever they made the funniest sounds (humming, singing, whining, doing whale songs....), which caused a few nights without that much asleep untill I realized all were fine - just noisy while thriving :o)


U-Turn Dixie x Creed Creed makes - just like his mum and his siblings - the funniest movements, when he wants to attract attention and be cute. He comes towards you with his head and butt turned towards you at the same time, i.e. a U-turn. We expect and hope for his pups to get that as well, so they all started their careers with names starting with U-Turn


Winner Lara x Kite Lara and Kite were that year's most winning male and female, so... their pups got names filled with ambitions!


Drinks Rainbow x Clinton There are so many beautiful sounding names for drinks and the litter was a big one :o)


American Rainbow x Stone Rainbow and Stone are both American imports, which called for US related names


Planets Rainbow x Shadow A joint venture between kennel Dreamcatcher's and kennel Khetashio


Repeat Luna x Stone Repetition of a wondeful combination - the music-litter - between Luna and Stone


Music Luna x Stone Songs we like



Luna x JoJo

It was Luna's very first litter and part of her pedigree name was La Bella Luna



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